Winter, 1876
Setting: Period Specific Cities
October - December
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 Adelina Morellus, complete!
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Adelina Morellus is

Adelina Morellus
Played By
FACE CLAIM - Amanda Seyfreid
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NICKNAME - Ada, Lina, 'My Little Countess'
TITLE OR OCCUPATION - Gentrywoman, Fiance to Count Morellus
AGE - 24
GENDER - Female

EDUCATION - Private Education alongside Blaise
LOCATION - London, England

EYES - blue-gray
HEIGHT - 5'3
BUILD - A healthy, albeit willowy form

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Once upon a time Adelina was a girl of darkness, morose and often keeping to herself. She had few friends and no family to speak of except for one. , and now that her friend is succumbing to madness Adelina has ironically come out of her shell. Seemingly everything that Cheryl once was: Kind, Generous, Gregarious, Gentle.

But the Adelina people know nowadays is a lie, a facade

The truth of the matter is that Adelina is more broken now than she ever has been. Scared yet determined to save the man she loves, no matter what she tries to be everything she can be, to the point that 'adelina' as she once was, is hard to pinpoint and describe, rather she is a mesh of qualities, all assumed under the desperate hope these qualities will save her love.

Dancing, Drinking, Kissing, Laughing, Staying Out Too Late, Reading Novels

Sleeping, Pressure, Dismissal, Presumption, Prawns, Excesses of Pride

Devoted. Determined. Loving

Single-minded. Biased. Selfish. Closed-off.

Adelina was a girl, born in hell and raised among suffering. The daughter of a common prostitute and a noble who will never acknowledge her, who might not even be her real father, just the one her mother would like her to be claimed by, for the money probably. For five years this was Adelina's life, a whores unwanted useless daughter. Her mother would vent her frustrations on her, or she would loan her out to patrons to 'earn her keep'.

But her mother could never seem to cover the whole 'raising a child and paying the bills' and for a year of her young life Adelina and her mother were on the run from debtors. The sexual abuse stopped, though the physical abuse worsened, she was as always her mothers stress toy, but if she was a good stress toy mother was kind to her afterwords, and so the young child spent the next year learning to be pleasing, unseen, and unheard.

Adelina's sixth birthday taught her an important lesson: No one escapes justice forever. The debtors found her and her mother, and even though the girl herself was innocent, she too was forced to work alongside her mother in the debtors' prison with minimum food and water, lack of comfortable bedding she could deal with, but it was her first experience with true hunger and struggle. But for the next six years, this was her life, struggling to pay off a debt that wasn't even hers, abused by a mother who never seemed to want her, and often left starving and dehydrated.

Then came the day she met Count Morellus. Adelina never did learn why he came to the prison, or what he hopes to find there. But when he left, it was with Adelina in tow. Away from the life of abuse, of little food and water, she was given a new home in his mansion, as a maid, but raised like and treated as his daughter. The count had no children of his own, so his nephew, Lord Blaise Morellus who was his declared heir would often visit, and seeing as the count was so fond of Adelina, and they were but children, the two would play together.

Adelina was eighteen and a woman grown when the old count died. He had been every bit of a father to Adelina. He gave her freedom, education, a job, her best friend, and love. When he died his fortune not tied in his lands was split between Blaise and Adelina thus changing the woman from pauper charity case of the count to a gentry woman in her own right.

Despite having complete freedom and wealth to do as she pleased, Adelina could never bring herself to leave Blaise's side. He was an unmarried count and she was more worldly than she should be, so officially she stayed around to 'protect him'. But the truth of the matter was that Adelina was, and always had been in love with him. But as high as she had risen they could never be. She might now be 'Madame Adelina, beloved servant of the late count' but she was not nobility, and certainly not a suitable bride for a count, and no matter what promises they made in their childish naivete, Adelina was prepared for his wedding day.

And then he betrayed her.

When Adelina thought of the woman her beloved would marry, she always imagined some noblewoman, someone trained and bred to rule beside him as countess. But then he introduced her to Cheryl, beautiful, bright, loveable Cheryl. Adelina wanted to despise her, despise that another common woman could inspire such love in Blaise that he would rage against the system to have her as his own. But she was one of those girls that was simply too perfect to hate. Beautiful, demure, kind, gentle, everything a woman should be. One could not even accuse her of wanting Blaise's title or wealth because he had her convinced he was nothing more than a humble groomsman.

For the next year Adelina was ever a part of their game. Despite his unknown betrayl, Blaise seemed to want his chosen wife and his childhood friend on good terms. Adelina would learn to swallow her dissapointment, to be happy for the pair, she would make blaise happy, and if blaise was happy then Adelina would be as well. At the end of the year Blaise proposed to Cheryl, with a straw ring asking if she could consent to marrying 'such a poor man'.

Of course when she accepted she was soon informed the truth onto what she was being married into. Though it had been a year since Adelina had 'worked' in any capacity, as a favour to Blaise she became a ladies maid to Cheryl, she had once been in a simillair position herself, and the girls friendship only grew stronger as Adelina helped Cheryl came to terms with the truth of things, and though Cheryl was overwhelmed she truly did seem to love Blaise, she saw the man, not the count, and Adelina was glad.

But this soon proved to be Cheryl's undoing.

Blaise had always been a bit eccentric. As a child he loved to paint and compose, a true artist. So his eccentricies were seen as just 'artistic quirks' and never thought much of as they harmed no one. But when his quirkiness turned into an idolization for cheryl, where he would keep her locked up in the Chateau, the girls patience ran thin. She began to complain, to yearn to go home and see her friends. Adelina coudn;t sympathise, as all her friends /were/ here, but she tried to comfort the girl, tried to make the Chateau as much a home as her old one. But then came the night she awoke to Blaise's screams and the news that Cheryl was dead.

She had escaped, in the dead of night, fallen from the cliffside in the darkness and died upon crashing into the rocky coast below. Blaise was inconsolible, Adelina was inconsolible, a friend and love stolen so cruely just as she was about to be wed. When a week passed without Blaise emerging from his isolation, Adelina made the move to step up as Head of House. Everyone there knew her, everyone there trusted her, and for the time that Blaise was greiving, none raised obligation to her taking on the daily running of a household.

It would be an entire year before Adelina was allowed to see him. Even then their meeting was quite by accident. She never disturbed Blaise in his greif, she gave him time and space, knowing that, despite their friendship, her closeness to Cheryl might only bring him bad memories. If a truly 'noble' matter would come across her desk in the day to day managment, she would slide it under the door with a single knock and when she returned within an hour he would leave instructions on how to handle it, but otherwise they went without contact, indeed it seemed Blaise had stopped caring what happened outside his wing of the manor, and only she was the one brave enough to go back. She left food and buisiness too grand for her outside his door, and otherwise spent her time in his office, running the county until the day he would feel ready to resume doing so, she didn;t mind, and no one outside the household could tell the difference.

My Little Countess

She'd nearly had a heart attack when she heard him speak. But when she looked up, there was Blaise, leaning against the door and looking at her with such affection she felt her heart leap into her throat. His hair had gone gray, he had bags under his eyes that suggested he hadn't slept in the entire year since Cheryl's death, and most notably his eyes were bright red. But it was Blaise, and he was smiling, at her.

She'd never clung to a person so tight in her life, she'd never cried so hard in her life. Blaise just held her, just kept her safe, and cherished, just like he did as a child. The divide between them closed and once more they were together. Once more they were less broken, and though he still wouldn't let anyone else see him, he let Adelina back in, and together, she trusted everything would be alright again.

After that day the divide between them closed, he opened his doors and his heart once more. At least to Adelina. No one else was permitted back, but she was. They had meals together, personally discussed the goings on together, and he taught her that which she didn't understand about stewardship. While she went about cleaning a years worth of mess to his rooms, having his piano repaired, his violin restringed, and his Easel dusted, and sitting by his side as he rediscovered life and his smile.

But there were some rooms still forbidden to her, some objects she is not allowed to touch. One time she had found a ring laid aside, and not thinking she went to wear it, only for Blaise to appear from /nowhere/ and knock it straight out of her hand, before checking her in a panic and embracing her as if she was almost lost to him.

That's when Adelina realised just how ill he was. That's when she fully stepped into the role of his protector, his caretaker. She didn;t know what was going on in his mind, but she did her best to protect him. When he re-entered society proper she was by his side, accompanying him to parties, to buisiness meetings, wherever he was she was also. People began to whisper she was his mistress, but if he heard he said nothing and she never brought attention to it. She did still love him, she firmly believed she always would, but the best way to love him now was to protect him.

And then he broke her heart.

In his mind, it must have seemed the perfect solution. Aware of his growing madness and having to lean on the aid of his childhood friend, the Count could not continue on like this forever. People would begin asking questions soon, wanting to see him and talk to him. So he did the only thing he could do, to make life easier for both of them. He asked Adelina to marry him, a proposal she, reluctantly accepted.

Now she waits for the day they are to be wed, fully assuming he does not love her as she does him. Sure she will be a countess, be rich, and comfortable, and live forever with a man she loves, but for all her love she fears living forever as a replacment for Cheryl in the mad Counts mind, unsure if the man she fell in love with will ever return to her.

And ocassionally fearing his madness might worsen further still.


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