Winter, 1876
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 Stone, Thaddeus
Lieutenant Colonel
- American -

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HOW DOES YOUR CHARACTER FIT INTO EXISTING SITE DYNAMICS: Thaddeus is from a wanted add placed by Oleander for one of her characters, and we will be rping in the Americas.

NICKNAME - Thaddie
FULL NAME - Thaddeus Bartholomew Stone

TITLE OR OCCUPATION – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
AGE - 34

ECONOMIC STATUS – Upper-class American
EDUCATION – Private childhood schooling in Latin, Mathematics, etc

U.S. Military Academy – West Point, New York – First attended in 1861

LOCATION – Augusta, Kansas

EYES – Bluish-green, depending on the light and what he’s wearing
HEIGHT - Six feet and two inches – a formidable height for the time period
BUILD – He has a tall and thin frame, very leggy in comparison with his torso. Such looks are deceiving, as Thaddeus has made his career in the military and is highly capable in hand-to-hand combat, as well as shooting and strategy. His slender build is muscular, and his good eating habits prevent him from putting on excess weight.

Chumani/Chelsea – Adopted native daughter

Lillian Stone – Spinster younger sister

Helena Stone – Baby Sister (deceased)

George Thaddeus Stone – Father (deceased)

Catherine (Gravely) Stone – Mother

Thaddeus is, and has always been, of practical inclination. As a young boy, he had a way of reasoning himself out of physical altercations with his larger, more brutish peers. He can persuade someone to his side often through cleverness alone, and if that fails, with the exchange of coin. In his adolescence, he constantly pushed aside the study of archaic topics like Latin and Greek in favor of science, mathematics, and strategy. Even the games he played were largely for the development of his cognitive and critical thinking skills. He forged through his entrance into adulthood and high society like a dog trying to escape quicksand. In other words, Thaddeus escaped to Military school as quickly as possible. He throws himself into any of his pursuits with 110 percent of his effort, making him a bit of a horse with blinders on.

He is polite and civil when the occasion calls for it, and falls in with societal norms. If someone pays Thaddeus with a compliment, he will decline it with an essence of humility – even though he often agrees with them. Because of all that he has seen during his tumultuous years in the service of his country, he is hardened to the plight of others and turns a blind eye to violence. Thaddeus has a poor opinion of Indians and all the typical racist inclinations for his time period, save for his adopted daughter, Chelsea. She has melted a small part of his heart and fit herself perfectly inside it. He almost seems a different man when with her, and he would never allow her to see the darkness inside of him. He is as nurturing to her as he can be, while also being fiercely protective. The man even has a tendency of worrying perhaps too much, as he has no experience in being a father.

This is a man who does not respond well to his inferiors disrespecting him or not following orders. Though he is weary of the battlefield, even when he retires he suspects that the discipline he learned will follow him to the grave. He’s a bit of a snob, a natural result of his upbringing. Still, Thaddeus is not an over-extravagant spender but instead chooses wisely where he will spend his money and when. The only time he has a loose coin purse is when it comes to Chelsea, whom he would give the world to if he knew how to shrink it.

Cartography and geography, fox and duck hunting, collecting artifacts and items of cultural significance, scientific discovery, the opera.

Feminine wiles and hysterics, traveling by train, writing letters, alcohol, places of ill repute, confined spaces.

Military strategy and strategy games, a strong mind and incorruptible nature, a sense of justice and eloquence with persuasion, an excellent sharpshooter, and a talent with fashion standards and needlework (believe it or not).

Stubbornness, an inactive and underutilized imagination, his own prejudices and quick judgments, his daughter Chelsea. Thaddeus is also very bad at cards, and while he enjoys listening to music, he is quite tone deaf himself.

It is no small thing to fight for one’s country, especially in the eyes of a Stone. Nearly every male in the Stone family has taken up the banner of justice and stood under their nation’s colors for the sake of freedom and prosperity – at least, as they see it. Thaddeus’s schooling at the newly constructed West Point Military academy in New York was interrupted by the American Civil War. He fought for the winning side – the Union, which is likely what made it possible for him to continue his education there after a period of time. He was only nineteen when he started, finishing in his early twenties after his heroic hiatus. The bravery he showed in fighting the traitorous Confederates as a young boy earned him great recognition, and promoted him through the ranks quickly. Just like his great grandfather, who played an important role in the Revolutionary War that bought them their freedom from the Red Coats. Thaddeus survived the war, but lost his father, a fact which has him hardened toward Southerners to this day. Often all he can see is his father’s blood on their hands.

He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in an older, upscale neighborhood with rich culture and even richer residents. The Stones had risen to prominence in the area ever since his great-grandfather’s military fame, but most of the wealth they had acquired had been lost over the years to several poor business choices and failures. Still, they were like American nobility in their own right – no noble title, but a historic legacy. Their home was one of the original homes in the region, a two-story Dutch Colonial. Its stately, uniform windows and brown cobblestone brick were exquisite, but it was beginning to fall into disrepair. Everyone fell on hard times during the Civil War, and after his father’s death, money became tighter. They had given a lot to their country, and the responsibility as head of the house fell on Thaddeus. He learned how to rub a coin and produce two more out of it, and with his hard work and dedication, he started making a comfortable, and eventually, a generous salary on which to support his mother and younger sister. Though he now lives in good circumstances, part of his character was built on his formative years, which he spent washing other people’s clothes and working on their farm as a field hand for money.

Only a few year years after graduating from West Point, Thaddeus took up a position further west, in the wild Indian lands of Kansas, where he started to fight yet another war in service of his country. He had a mind for strategy, and started to play a more pivotal role behind the scenes than in the center of a battlefield. As he rose to the ranking of Lieutenant Colonel, Thaddeus was now the chess player instead of the pawn, deciding which of his men would die, and how many. He made some harsh decisions, sacrificing some men when necessary in order to win the bigger battle at hand. He had the admiration and respect of many, but also made several enemies along the way. Thaddeus was quick to step on the hands of those who presented a challenge to him, in order to secure his own survival. A few years ago, after receiving reports of an encounter between some of the men in his unit and a group of Lakota, he arrived at the scene shortly after the bloody battle and encountered a small native child. He did not know what drew him to the girl with the large, seeking eyes, the girl who did not cry, but something compelled him to scoop her up onto his horse and take him back to the fort, before one of the savages returned to get the girl. In a relatively short period of time, he had her groomed, bathed, and dressed like a white child. When she was old enough, she was put into school and “taught” the ways of civilized society. Over time, Chelsea – the name he had given her – became a respectable little lady, a child of which he was proud. Not everyone was as accepting of his new daughter, but he was quick to silence any of their comments.

His love for her has flourished, and he has no intention of ever relinquishing his title as her father. The more time he spends with Chelsea, the more he becomes disenchanted with his career in the military. He has begun strongly considering an early retirement, perhaps a switch to a different career field. The amount of time he has to spend away from her is troublesome and disheartening, and the more negative criticism he receives from his fellow officers about Chelsea, the more he wants to leave and never return.


- Other like-minded white men and women, and some of the other officers in the military. He can be relatively good company, if not a little boring. He also makes associations with people whom they can mutually benefit from, almost like a business friendship.


- He has no lovers at the present time, and has never been married. Thaddeus has devoted his life to his career and providing financially for his mother and sister back in New York, and has turned a cold shoulder to any woman who has tried to make him their prospect. He’s a picky man with particular preferences, and always finds an excuse as to why he didn’t have time for romance or a marriage. His only love right now is his daughter, Chelsea.


- His detached nature and his competitiveness has earned him some enemies in the military. He is also a natural enemy to Native Americans, and does not get along well with southerners because of the death of his father and his own involvement in the Civil War.

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